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Best Months to Catch Redfish in Louisiana & Mississippi

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A picture of Best Months to Catch Redfish in Louisiana & Mississippi with Legends of the Lower Marsh

Last Updated on November 7, 2023 by Eric Bonneman

In the sprawling marshes where the Mississippi meets the Gulf, there’s a kind of fishing that keeps you coming back. Redfish – these bruisers make their rounds in the Biloxi Marsh, a playground for anglers looking to test their line against some real muscle. It’s not about the pomp or fancy words here; it’s about the pull at the end of your rod and the story you’ll tell about the one that didn’t get away.

If you’re itching to get in on this action, you’ll want folks who know these waters. That’s where Legends of the Lower Marsh comes in. They’re the kind of guides who’ve been around the block, know every nook and cranny of these parts, and they’re keen to show you where the big ones are hiding. With these guys, you’re set for a day where it’s just you, the water, and the fish – and that’s plenty.

Understanding Redfish (Red Drum)

Redfish aren’t the fancy types, but they sure are the heart of the marsh. These sturdy fish, also known as Red Drum due to the drumming sound they make, start out their lives in the estuaries, those nursery grounds where the saltwater mixes with fresh. They’re born survivors, growing fast, learning the ropes from dodging predators to chasing down their own grub like shrimp and crabs.

As they get bigger, so does their playground. They move out to the open waters, but they’re creatures of habit – they love to come back to the shallows to feed and give fishermen a run for their money. That’s where the game begins, and it’s a big part of what keeps the ecosystem ticking. They eat the little critters that could otherwise overrun the place, and they’re a sign of healthy waters.

When you’re out with the crew from Legends of the Lower Marsh, you’re chasing more than just a fish – you’re in for a masterclass in the marsh’s ways. Hooking a Redfish? That’s a moment you feel in your bones. It’s the culmination of understanding where they like to hang out, what gets their attention, and how they move with the seasons. It’s not about luck; it’s about skill, patience, and a bit of local knowledge, which, lucky for you, the Legends team has in spades.

A picture of Best Months to Catch Redfish in Louisiana & Mississippi with Legends of the Lower Marsh

Redfish Seasonal Patterns

Fishing for Redfish isn’t just a pastime; it’s a year-long pursuit down here. The marsh gives us a front-row seat to the life of these fish, and each month, they’re up to something different.

January through March, the water’s chilly. Redfish, they hunker down in deeper spots. But they’re still there for the catching. This is the time when they’re less picky, more about survival. You might need to be a bit more patient, but when you find them, it’s worth it.

Come April, things start to pick up. The marsh wakes up, and so do the fish. They’re spreading out now, and with the Legends of the Lower Marsh folks guiding you, you’ll know just where to cast your line.

May and June, it’s like the marsh is throwing a party, and everyone’s invited. Redfish included. They’re feasting in the shallows, getting ready for the summer. That’s when you want to be out there with a line in the water.

July and August can be scorchers, and the Redfish? They’re a bit more scattered, looking for cooler spots during the day. Early morning or just before sunset are the golden hours. Legends know this dance well – they’ll have you out in the sweet spots when the fish are biting.

September rolls around, and it’s like someone flipped a switch. The Reds are schooling up, getting ready for the cooler months. This is prime time, and booking a charter with Legends now means you’re in for some action.

October and November, that’s when the magic happens. The Redfish are feasting, fattening up, and they’re eager. They’ll hit just about anything that looks like a meal. Legends of the Lower Marsh will tell you, this is when the memories are made.

By December, the water’s cooling off again, but the fish are still biting if you know where to look. And trust me, Legends of the Lower Marsh knows. They’ve got the kind of know-how that only comes with years on the water.

So, there you have it, the Redfish calendar. It’s not just about picking a month; it’s about understanding what the fish are up to. But no matter when you go, if you’re with Legends, you’re already on the right track.

A picture of Best Months to Catch Redfish in Louisiana & Mississippi with Legends of the Lower Marsh

Fall Fishing for Redfish

When the air gets that crisp feel and the marsh starts to put on a show with those changing colors, it’s a sign for anglers and Redfish alike that something good’s about to happen. Fall’s the season when these Reds start thinking about moving. They sense that change in the water temperature and start their journey from the deep Gulf back into the marshes. It’s a natural call to get ready for winter, and for the Redfish, that means feeding. They’re not shy about it either. This is when they’re most aggressive, chasing baitfish that are also trying to fatten up before the cold sets in.

The folks at Legends of the Lower Marsh, they’re tuned into this like it’s their own rhythm. They adapt their charter trips to match these patterns. See, fall isn’t just about the fish moving; it’s about where they’re heading. These Reds are pushing into areas where you can find them tailing, and that’s a sight – big, bronze backs breaking the surface as they root around for a snack.

Legends have their routes and spots, honed from years on these waters. They know just where to take you so that your line’s tight more often than not. They’re all about putting you right in the mix, where the action is hot and the Redfish are plenty. You don’t need to worry about figuring it out – that’s their job. Your job is to be ready for the pull when it comes. And in the fall in the Biloxi Marsh, it’ll come alright.

Winter’s Approach: The Peak of Redfish Season

As the marsh cools and the northern winds start to ruffle the surface of the water, Redfish don’t pack up for a vacation; they do the opposite. Winter doesn’t bother them much. They stick around, and that’s good news for anyone looking to wet a line. The cooler water consolidates them, and they’re easier to spot as they gang up in schools. They’ll huddle in the deeper pockets of the marsh where the water’s a tad warmer, and that’s where you’ll want to be.

It’s a straight-forward time of year, no fuss. The Reds are less about the chase and more about the easy meal, which means they’re more predictable, and finding them is part of the fun. The clear winter water, it’s like looking through glass, and seeing a Redfish come up on your bait is a sight that’ll stick with you.

The guys at Legends of the Lower Marsh, they’re on a first-name basis with these winter patterns. They’ll guide you through the marsh’s labyrinth, where the water’s deep enough for the fish to feel cozy. You don’t have to worry about the cold – gear up, and they’ll handle the rest, putting you right where you need to be for some of the best Redfish action you can imagine.

When the rest of the world is hunkering down, a Redfish is just getting its second wind, and with Legends, you’ll be right there with them, reeling in the kind of fish that make winter fishing worth every moment.

A picture of Best Months to Catch Redfish in Louisiana & Mississippi with Legends of the Lower Marsh

Spring into Action: Transitioning Seasons

As winter loosens its grip and spring steps up to bat, the marsh comes alive, and so do the Redfish. This transition isn’t just a change in weather; it’s a shift in the whole fishing game. As the waters warm, Redfish spread out, shake off the cold, and get a little more pep in their step. They’re still hungry, but now they’re moving into the shallows, chasing bait that’s also waking up after the winter.

This is when you and the Legends of the Lower Marsh guides might switch tactics. Instead of just the deep holes, you’re now looking at the grassy flats and edges where Reds like to cruise for a meal. It’s sight fishing territory – a whole different ball game. It’s you spotting the fish and putting the bait right in their path.

The Legends team, they’re like the local historians for these fish. They’ve watched them come and go with the seasons, and they know spring means new hotspots and behaviors. They’ll have you trying different approaches, maybe a little more stealth and finesse as you stalk the shallows.

Spring in the marsh is about new beginnings and some of the most exciting Redfish action there is. It’s a time for casting into the sunlit waters and watching as a Redfish turns and makes a beeline for your line. That’s what the spring thaw is all about.

The Heat of Summer: Redfish Fishing in Warmer Waters

Summer in the marsh ain’t for the faint of heart, and Redfish, they’re built tough for this kind of heat. When the sun’s high and the water warms up, these Reds don’t just pack it in. They dig in, finding the spots that suit them best, places where the water moves a bit more, carrying oxygen and cooler currents. You’ll find them around deeper channels or shaded areas during the heat of the day, and sometimes they’ll venture into the shallows when the sun isn’t quite so bossy, like early morning or late afternoon.

Now, fishing for Reds in the summer, it’s a bit of a different story. You’re playing the waiting game, biding your time until the conditions are just right. And the folks at Legends of the Lower Marsh? They’ve got this down to a science. They know you’ve got to adjust to the fish’s schedule, not the other way around.

So, when you’re out there with them, sipping on something cold, waiting for the world to cool off a tad, you’ll be ready when the Reds are. It’s about knowing the right time to be in the right place, and that’s something the Legends crew is good at. They’ll help you make the most of those summer days, finding the Redfish when they’re ready to play.

A picture of Best Months to Catch Redfish in Louisiana & Mississippi with Legends of the Lower Marsh

Legends of the Lower Marsh: Expertise and Experience

Legends of the Lower Marsh isn’t just a charter service; it’s a gateway to the heart of marsh fishing. Captain Mark Wright and his crew, they’re not just guides, they’re storytellers, custodians of the marsh, and your surest bet to a memorable day with the lines. They offer a spread of experiences, from bending rods with the kids on a family fun trip to chasing the big bull Reds through the Louisiana Marsh and Mississippi’s nearshore waters.

With Legends, it’s not about just catching fish; it’s about the stories you’ll tell later. They cater to all sorts – families looking for that first catch photo, serious anglers after a brag-worthy Red, and even corporate groups out to build some team spirit. Want to see a kid’s face light up when they reel in a fish twice their size? Or maybe you’re after that quiet nod of respect from an old fishing buddy when you land the big one? That’s their bread and butter.

And it’s not all about the Reds, either. Speckled Trout, Black Drum, Flounder – the Legends team knows where these fish are hiding and how to entice them. They’re savvy to the shifts of the seasons, the whims of the weather, and they use this knowledge to give you an edge, no matter the time of year.

Year-Round Redfish Action

One thing’s for sure: the Biloxi Marsh doesn’t really have an offseason for Redfish, and neither do the Legends of the Lower Marsh. They’ll tell you, any month you choose, they’ve got a fishing tale ready to unfold. Testimonials from their clientele read like a fisherman’s dream journal – tales of Reds fought and landed, of quiet days turned adrenaline-fueled, and of the peace that comes from a day spent on the water with good company.

Conservation and Respect for the Marsh

But here’s the thing about Legends – they fish with respect. Respect for the tradition, for the fish, and for the marsh itself. They’re about conservation as much as they are about sport. Catch and release is not just an option; it’s a practice they endorse heartily, ensuring that the thrill of the catch can be a legacy passed down through generations.

A picture of Best Months to Catch Redfish in Louisiana & Mississippi with Legends of the Lower MarshWhat Makes Biloxi Marsh Unique?

The Biloxi Marsh, stretching out along the coast, isn’t just another fishing spot; it’s a sprawling aquatic playground. This is where freshwater from the mighty Mississippi mingles with the Gulf’s salt, creating a brackish breeding ground that’s perfect for Redfish. It’s a place where you can lose sight of land and find yourself surrounded by nothing but sky and water.

What sets the Biloxi Marsh apart is its sheer complexity. It’s a labyrinth of channels, flats, and bayous, each turn revealing a new fishing opportunity. Here, the Redfish grow big and strong, feasting on the rich buffet of baitfish, crabs, and shrimp that call these waters home. It’s not just the quantity of fish that makes it special, though – it’s the quality. The Reds here fight harder, pull stronger, and bring a sense of satisfaction that’s as clear as the waters they swim in.

Legends of the Lower Marsh, they’re your seasoned guides through this maze. They know that the marsh’s beauty lies in its untamed nature. It’s a place that’s both calm and teeming with life, where every cast has the potential to set you up against a local legend – those bull Reds that test your tackle and your tales.

For anyone who’s ever set a hook here, the Biloxi Marsh is more than unique; it’s unforgettable. It’s the kind of place that gets into your blood, calling you back trip after trip. And Legends of the Lower Marsh? They’re just the folks to introduce you to its wonders, minus the fluff and fanfare. Just good fishing, plain and simple.

A picture of Best Months to Catch Redfish in Louisiana & Mississippi with Legends of the Lower Marsh

Planning Your Trip

Heading to the Biloxi Marsh for some Redfish action? Well, here’s a bit of friendly advice to make sure your trip’s a hit. First off, decide what kind of experience you’re after. Whether it’s a solo adventure, a family outing, or a chance to show your buddies a good time, Legends of the Lower Marsh has your back.

Timing’s important, too. While Redfish are around all year, each season offers a different flavor of fishing. Get in touch with Legends and they’ll clue you in on the best times for the experience you want. And don’t fret over gear. These folks are stocked with all you’ll need, which means one less thing on your packing list.

Accommodations? The Legends team can point you to some cozy spots nearby. And since the weather can be fickle, pack for all conditions. Sure, the marsh has more good days than bad, but a rain jacket never hurt anyone.

Lastly, book early, especially if you’re eyeing a trip during the peak seasons. Legends of the Lower Marsh is no secret among fishers, so their calendar fills up fast.

Setting the Stage for Adventure

So there you have it. The Biloxi Marsh – a place where the Redfish run and the good times roll. It’s a fisherman’s haven, with year-round opportunities to battle the best of the Reds. And when you’re ready to cast into these storied waters, Legends of the Lower Marsh is ready to lead the way.

Don’t just take my word for it, though. Book a trip and see for yourself. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the game, Legends is the ticket to a proper marsh fishing experience. Give ’em a call, set a date, and get ready to tell your own tales of the one that didn’t get away.