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The Best Time to Catch Louisiana Redfish

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A picture of The Best Time to Catch Louisiana Redfish with Legends of the Lower Marsh

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A glint of sunlight reflects off the calm water, a warm breeze rustles the reeds, and with a splash, a Louisiana Redfish breaks the surface, casting shimmering droplets into the air. As any experienced angler knows, these powerful creatures, also known as Red Drum, are the crown jewel of the marsh. They offer a thrilling challenge and the satisfaction of a successful catch, but unlocking the puzzle of their movements and feeding patterns requires knowledge, skill, and patience.

Understanding the Redfish

The journey to catching a Louisiana Redfish begins with understanding the fish itself. These remarkable creatures can reach up to 60 pounds and 45 inches in length, making them a prized catch for both locals and visitors alike. Renowned for their reddish-bronze bodies and distinctive black tail spots, Redfish are as beautiful as they are elusive.

The Redfish’s diet primarily consists of small crabs, shrimp, and fish. This makes choosing the right bait critical for successful angling. Live shrimp or mullet often do the trick, as do soft-shell crabs when in season. But the lure alone won’t land you a Redfish; timing is everything.

A picture of The Best Time to Catch Louisiana Redfish with Legends of the Lower Marsh

Tides and Time: The Two Ts of Redfish

In the world of Redfish angling, two elements can make all the difference: the tide and the time of year. By understanding these elements, you can dramatically increase your chances of success.

Reading the Tides

High tide generally means feeding time for Redfish. This is when they move into the marsh to feed on the bountiful crabs, shrimp, and small fish populations. The outgoing tide, conversely, presents another opportunity as the water pulls food sources out of the marsh and, with them, hungry Redfish.

The Seasonal Clock of the Redfish

The time of year is a significant factor in determining the location and behavior of Redfish. Each season brings opportunities and challenges.

A picture of The Best Time to Catch Louisiana Redfish with Legends of the Lower Marsh


During the colder months, Redfish move into deeper holes and bayous. They become somewhat less active, but slow-moving baits can still entice them.


Redfish roam shallow waters as the marsh comes alive in the spring, making sight fishing possible. This is an excellent time to take advantage of their aggressive feeding patterns.


In the balmy heat of summer, Redfish are active and hungry. This is a prime time to seek them out, especially during early mornings and late evenings when the heat of the day subsides.


Autumn signals the start of bull redfish season. As the temperature cools, large mature Redfish move inshore to spawn. This is the perfect time for anglers seeking a truly memorable catch.

A picture of The Best Time to Catch Louisiana Redfish with Legends of the Lower Marsh

The Biloxi Marsh: A Redfish Paradise

Nestled on the eastern side of the mighty Mississippi’s mouth lies a hidden treasure for Redfish enthusiasts: the Biloxi Marsh. This expansive area of brackish water, covering over 200 square miles, presents one of the most abundant habitats for Redfish in Louisiana.

The Biloxi Marsh offers many opportunities to find Redfish throughout the year due to its extensive shoreline and diverse underwater topography. Its shallow water bodies warm quickly in the summer, making it a preferred location for Redfish.

In the heat of summer, look for Redfish along grassy shorelines, where they hunt for small crabs and baitfish. Remember, early morning and late evening outings can offer the best chance for a catch.

Ready for the Challenge?

Armed with the knowledge of when and where to find Redfish in Louisiana, all that remains is to get out there and put your skills to the test. Embrace the challenge, enjoy the serenity of the marsh, and experience the thrill of landing your own Louisiana Redfish.

When you’re ready to make your dream catch a reality, consider enlisting experts who know the rhythms of the marsh better than anyone else. Book your trip today with Legends of the Lower Marsh, and experience Louisiana Redfish angling at its finest.