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Epic Fall Fishing In Gulfport

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Louisiana Bull Redfish

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Fall is in the air, and that means one thing for coastal Mississippi fishermen – it’s time to get after some of the biggest gamefish, including redfish, black drum, speckled trout, and flounder of the year! The weather is usually perfect this time of year for spending a day on the water, and the fish are biting big time. So if you’re looking for an epic fall fishing adventure, Gulfport is the place to be.

Up Next For Fall Fish

As an angler, there is no better time of year than fall. The weather is cooling off, the fish are biting, and a variety of different species to target. Redfish, speckled trout, flounder, sheepshead, drum, and even tripletail are all choice targets during the fall months. One of the best things about fall fishing is that you can fish in various spots.

The near-shore reefs, bridges, bay, and even local piers are all excellent spots to target. And if you’re willing to venture offshore, there are plenty of opportunities to catch big fish. During the fall, most sought-after gamefish, like speckled trout and redfish, make their way into the bay and marsh systems along the coast. This makes for shorter boat rides, easier fishing conditions, and more fish to be caught. So get out there and enjoy some great fall fishing!

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Gulfport Gamefish

If you’re looking for a challenge and some variety in your fishing, then Gulfport, Mississippi, is the place for you. The area’s marshes, reefs, islands, bays, and rivers are teeming with gamefish like redfish and speckled trout. And because there are so many different types of habitats to fish in, you never get bored.


One of the best times to fish for redfish is in the fall when the water temperature drops into its ideal range. Redfish are much more active and aggressive during this time, making for some great fishing. Redfish typically spend most of their time cruising along banks and marsh grass, looking for crabs, shrimp, or baitfish.

Look for them on banks, pockets, and shallow flats. As we get closer to winter and the water starts to clear up, sight fishing for redfish becomes more effective. Cruise along flats and banks looking for redfish and then pitch spinnerbaits or spoons their way. With a bit of luck, you’ll be able to reel a few in.

A picture of Epic Fall Fishing In Gulfport with Legends of the Lower Marsh

Spotted Seatrout

As the weather begins to cool off, trout are on the move, heading to their winter haunts. They are feeding aggressively at this time of year and will eat just about anything that crosses their path. White shrimp are a favorite meal, but any smaller finfish will do if it swims near an aggressive yellow mouth.

In the case of speckled trout, they are generally not picky eaters; they’re just looking for an easy meal. As a result, shrimp-style baits are often very effective at this time of year. Minnow-style baits can also be quite effective, as trout often stage in the bays before moving further into rivers and larger bayous.

Fish the Coast of Mississippi

Captain Mark Wright is a lifelong resident of the beautiful and hospitable Mississippi Gulf Coast. He grew up hunting waterfowl and fishing the brackish marsh and bayous of Mississippi and Louisiana and could often be found most summer mornings wade fishing in pursuit of many species of fish.

He is a master at fishing, and that is no different when targeting gamefish in the fall when the action never ends. Whether you’re looking to catch redfish, speckled trout, flounder, or anything in between, Captain Mark can put you on the fish. So come on and book your trip today with Legends of the Lower Marsh and let Captain Mark show you what it’s all about! You won’t be disappointed.