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Fall Redfish In Gulfport

By September 30, 2021October 7th, 2021No Comments
A picture of Fall Redfish In Gulfport with Legends of the Lower Marsh

Last Updated on October 7, 2021 by Eric Bonneman

Fall fishing in the coastal marshes of Gulfport is considered one of the best seasons to fish in the area. The reasons are numerous, and you can definitely catch more than redfish, but let’s look at why redfish is one of the most popular.

Why Fall Is Great For Redfish

Redfish and Fall have recognition all along the Gulf Coast. While this fishery is a year-round one and redfish are certainly part of that, let’s look at why Fall is different.


A lot of folks do not consider the spawning season for redfish when it comes to inshore or marsh fishing. Redfish spawn in deeper waters, roughly 50 feet, and that’s where they stay.. well, not exactly. While they do spawn in large numbers in this nearshore zone, spawning redfish are hungry. Some of the easiest food supplies they have to gather exist in the coastal marshes. So, when the mood strikes – droves of redfish head into the coastal fishery and aggressively feed.

At the same time, not all redfish spawn. Those that are not in the spawning part of their lives remain in the marshes the whole time, part of that year-round population. So, when spawning redfish move in, they literally multiply the current population in a near-instant. This allows you greater shots at more and bigger redfish.


One of the greatest things about summer is the baitfish that flood into the area. This of course brings in all of our favorite summertime species. But, as the waters cool, these baitfish tend to travel away. So, what do redfish do? They resort to what they are designed to do, bottom-feed. Part of that design is the crushing jaws dedicated to crushing crustaceans. Namely, small crabs, shellfish, and shrimp.

Shrimp is an important factor here. The coastal bays, bayous, and marshes of Gulport begin pushing out clouds of white shrimp in the Fall. Redfish know this and switch gears to target them for food. A literal feeding frenzy at times.

A picture of Fall Redfish In Gulfport with Legends of the Lower Marsh


All redfish anglers have a certain vision in their heads when they think of redfish fishing. A picturesque vision that usually revolves around spotting tailing redfish. Redfish, when bottom-feeding shallow waster, stick their tails out of the water while doing so. Fall is the season where this form of sight fishing for redfish becomes more of a reality for those looking to target redfish in this way.

Fish With Us

Legends of the Lower Marsh is your Fall redfish fishing guide in the area and every Fall we look forward to taking folks out to experience this awesome form of fishing. Fall is the only time you will get to experience redfish in this way, the weather is great, and even boat traffic is reduced. When combined, there is barely a better time of year to fish Gulfport than in that Fall.

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