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Marsh Fishing

Louisiana Bull Redfish
Marsh Fishing

Louisiana Redfish Season

There’s no better place than coastal Louisiana when the bite is on during their famous and seemingly, neverending redfish season.   Louisiana presents ample opportunities for fishing for redfish.  First,…
Jason Bradstreet
January 25, 2022
A picture of Fall Marsh Fishing with Legends of the Lower Marsh
Marsh Fishing

Fall Marsh Fishing

Fishing the coastal marsh grasses in the Fall is a favorite pastime of local inshore anglers. Between the weather and excellent fishing opportunities, let's look at all the reasons why…
Eric Bonneman
October 27, 2021
A picture of Biloxi Marsh Redfish with Legends of the Lower Marsh
Marsh Fishing

Biloxi Marsh Redfish

The Biloxi Marsh is an area of over 210k acres of coastal marshland. With a direct feed to the Gulf of Mexico and located on Louisiana's eastern-facing side, this has…
Eric Bonneman
September 20, 2021