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Louisiana Bull Redfish

By September 13, 2018No Comments
Louisiana Bull Redfish

Last Updated on September 14, 2018 by Eric Bonneman

Louisiana is renowned for Redfish. Redfish are one of the region’s favorite catch. They hide in the shallow marsh and can be easily retrieved from inshore waters. Moreover, the team at Legends Of The Lower Marsh are experienced Redfish anglers and will guide you on your journey to reel-in the region’s Bull Redfish.

Redfish is the common name for Red Drum; a Bull Redfish is simply a large and aggressive Red Drum. Juvenile Redfish may be cute, but the large adults are a force to be reckoned with! As Redfish mature, they lose their iconic spots for a thick armor. Some even suggest that the adults and pups should be treated as two separate species.

Redish are a hard fightin’ fish, especially among Louisiana’s marsh. These Fish utilize their size and the current to prey on smaller fish – they are carnivores and will eat anything they can catch. Adult Redish are ornery and aggressive, it’s even said that these fish “fight dirty.” At maturity, they take on an aggressive demeanor. Moreover, Louisiana’s marsh is abundant with these armor-scaled fish – they’re easily reaped from the region’s brackish waters with the assistance of the folks at Legends Of The Lower Marsh.

These fish put up a fight, but it’s worth the effort. Redfish are known for aggressive head shakes and hard pulls on the hook. Moreover, when landing a Bull Redfish from Louisiana’s waters, make sure to support their belly to prevent their organs from shifting. This makes for a safe release.

Captain Mark has more than 40 years of fishing and hunting experience to his credit. He is the weighmaster for the Mississippi Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo, billed as the “largest fishing rodeo in the world,” which is held annually on or around the 4th of July weekend. Captain Mark and the folks at Legends Of The Lower Marsh possess encyclopedic knowledge of Louisiana’s brackish waters. With their experience and Southern hospitality, they provide an unforgettable fishing experience. Legends of the Lower Marsh is a family friendly charter and can create a fishing trip for the neophyte or experienced angler alike.

Explore Louisiana’s marshland with Captain Mark Wright. Captain Wright is a professional Full-time Fishing Guide. His knowledge of the region will guide you through Louisiana’s majestic vista and aid you in capturing the big catch!